The Monday Morning Walk

The Monday Morning Walk.jpg

Most people resolve to walk every day to lower their cholesterol, lose weight or just plain feel better.

You should resolve to take a walk every Monday morning to increase your sales!

How often do you walk your inventory? If you’re not walking the lot each and every day, you’re risking your financial health. 

Consider these benefits of walking your inventory every Monday morning:

- You see what the customer sees BEFORE they see it. So you can make changes to the line up if necessary.

- You’ll notice faded numbers and stickers
- You’ll be able to replace missing buyers guides or labels
- You’ll notice low air pressure, flat tires, today damage, dents or other potential concerns

Don’t just walk by your inventory; stop and smell the leather

Choose a few of the newer or older inventory vehicles to climb inside. Maybe even drive one or two. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

•    You may find you really like some things about a particular car. By familiarizing yourself with the vehicle, you pass on your enthusiasm to customers. That makes it easier to sell!
•    There’s always a reason why a vehicle doesn’t sell. Rather than ignore it, inspect one that has been around a while. You may find it has a bad smell or that it needs new floor mats. The simplest things can keep a car from selling. 

So make your resolution a profitable one by taking a Monday morning walk through your new and used car inventory. 

Your financial health depends on it!