Become a Social Media Champion with Facebook Live

Facebook Live.jpg

A Facebook Live feed is one of the most engaging tools in the world right now. 

At the end of 2017, 1.4 Billion people worldwide were considered daily users of the leading social media platform. OEMs, dealerships, and aftermarket companies know this. Facebook ad spending is through the roof, likely in the billions of dollars in North America alone. 

But you already know this. It’s estimated that by 2020, 71% of vehicle sales will be influenced by digital advertising on platforms like Facebook. 

But as most dealerships and OEMs are engaging customers on Facebook already, the message begins to get watered down. To be effective, innovation and change are necessary. 

Be the Same Yet Different

Facebook is still very effective. With so many daily users, your audience is already assembled in one place. You just need to give them a message that will engage in a different way. Do something that your competition isn’t – at least, not many of them. 

That’s where Facebook Live enters the equation. You’ve seen it on your own Facebook feed. It’s someone in front of their computer or smartphone, engaging with a live audience. And with a few recommendations, you can use it as an effective tool for your automotive audience too. 

•    Offer value. A Facebook Live event must be entertaining but also add value to your audience. Provide car care tips, review available accessories, or give a walkaround for a popular model. It’s a great place to answer anything that would be found in an FAQ section. 
•    Be consistent. Like social media posts of all kinds, make Facebook Live a regular part of your communication with your audience…but not too regular. Once or twice a week is good, but more frequently than that can become a reason for ‘Unfollows’. 
•    Be professional! Your Facebook Live message should always be congruent with your brand image. That includes verbal and visual cues. And because it’s in front of a camera, have someone both talented at camera work and comfortable in front of the lens doing your Facebook Live events. 

Use the tools you already have in your toolbox to their full capacity, like your social media accounts. Sometimes effective engagement is just about being a little different than everyone else.

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