Meet Paul Meijer … Road Warrior with Real Automotive Dealership Solutions

Paul Meijer with Ted Ings at the inaugural Fixed Ops Roundtable in New York City, on May 22, 2019.

Paul Meijer with Ted Ings at the inaugural Fixed Ops Roundtable in New York City, on May 22, 2019.

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

Paul Meijer is a car guy through and through.

He’s turned wrenches, sold cars, managed dealerships – and now, he owns a business called The White Tablecloth Marketing that delivers state of the art technology solutions to dealerships. The ambitious entrepreneur, who has spent nearly four decades in automotive retail, is considered a driving force throughout the industry.

Get to know Paul Meijer

Many automotive retail experts, including social media icon, El Patronn, consider Paul Meijer a mentor. Paul is an inspiration, a wealth of knowledge and someone you’ll want to get to know.

How Paul got started

Paul was born loving cars. As a child, he spent time drawing custom vehicles, which he lovingly referred to as “Meijerattis.” He took auto shop during high school, while also working after hours at a repair facility.

After graduation, Paul dabbled in mechanical engineering at the local technical school, but he soon decided a desk job wasn’t what he wanted. So, he shifted his focus to something more hands-on: working as a mechanic trainee. Almost immediately he was promoted to shop foreman, service manager and then store manager.

Choosing a career in automotive led Paul to become an account development executive and, eventually, the entrepreneur he is today.

Present-day workflow

Even though Paul spends long hours cold calling and developing accounts every day, he finds time for learning and development. He’s particularly keen on technology, as he loves leveraging new concepts to improve processes.

“I’m continually learning about the latest technologies, consumer behaviors and trends. The only way to stay ahead of technology is to know it. Most people are complacent and neglect this important step,” Paul says.

The well-known entrepreneur also spends a lot of time networking. He makes contacts in person, over the phone and via social media. Around 20% of each day is spent developing a presence on websites such as LinkedIn.

Paul does whatever it takes to develop his territory and keep his customers happy. If he has to take phone calls after hours, or answer emails in the middle of the night, he’ll do it to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

A lifetime of accomplishments

First and foremost, Paul is proud of his children. But when it comes to his career, earning a starring role in a television commercial is one of his greatest accomplishments. Paul, who was a store manager for Midas at the time, was hand-selected for the part because of his outstanding customer service. Only six managers were chosen from the 1,800 stores throughout the country.

A letter from a grateful customer helped Paul lockdown the commercial. The vehicle owner had visited another shop three times for an alignment, but his car still didn’t perform well. Paul and his team buckled down to make the car handle like new again – and the customer was ecstatic.

To show his gratitude, the customer wrote a letter to Midas corporate. As a result, company executives decided to have Paul star in their “Dear Midas” commercial series. The experience would forever change Paul’s life by defining his personal standard for customer service.

Looking forward

After 38 years in the business, Paul understands dealership needs as an insider. With his education, experience and industry knowledge he’s able to assess situations, uncover needs and offer one-of-a-kind solutions.

As such, he named his current business The White Tablecloth to represent the ultimate level of customer service. The company uses a hand-selected suite of products to introduce technologies and processes. By relying on the unique strategy, dealerships are able to add value that positively affects their bottom line.

Going forward, Paul hopes to broaden the company’s reach and develop a network of dealerships throughout the country. By working closely with dealers, he will help them increase efficiency and profitability.

Get in on the action

Want to know more about Paul Meijer? You can contact him through his company website, Or, better yet, you can visit him at the upcoming FixedOpsRoundable in Los Angeles, California, on September 20th, 2019.