Manager or Leader: Which Are You?

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A significant number of books and white papers have been written about the differences between managers and leaders.

In most cases, managing is looked at in a negative way compared to leading. Surprised?

What do you think?


·      Usually stick to what they were taught with little room for new ideas.

·      View themselves as the keepers of wisdom and authority.

·      Spend their time working the system.

·      Maintain the organization’s level of success.


·      Are always looking to improve. They don’t limit creativity.

·      Facilitate learning and empower their teams to come up with solutions.

·      Spend their time working a process.

·      Increase the company’s level of success.

Most managers have backgrounds that include some form of customer contact.

Salespeople, customer service representatives and consultants often assume management responsibilities. On the surface, they appear to be able to motivate, solve problems and make presentations to small groups.

Management is commanding action.  Leadership is inspiring excellence.

Management is knowing what to do. Leadership is having the courage to act.

In the retail automotive business, most managers were promoted to their positions because of their sales success. This includes both service advisors and sales consultants. And the only example they have had to determine what approach they should take to managing successfully is the person they are replacing. This may or may not be good news.

But you will never achieve the kind of impact in life that your heart and soul longs for, the kind that your company, your family, your community – the world anxiously awaits for you to make…unless you lead.

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