What Does CPI Do?


The focus of the Center for Performance Improvement is different than other trainers in the automotive industry.

CPI takes a holistic approach to training that centers around much more than a single aspect of your company. Training programs at the Center for Performance Improvement are about just that: continuous performance improvement. We’re here to help you improve your retail processes, coach your team for the best customer experience, and help you take your business to a new level.

The Center for Performance Improvement develops all training programs around YOUR needs. There’s no single solution – no magic bullet – that works for every client the same. When you engage with CPI for training, it’s tailored to your individual needs.


We provide customized automotive solutions and training that include: 

Leadership and Management training for OEMs

·  Best practices training for OEM Field and District Managers

·  Retail Fixed Operations and CSI process improvement initiatives

·  Retail Sales, Management and SSI process improvement

·  Dealership financial statement analysis training

·  Retail core process integration on site

·  Sales menu development and implementation

·  Customer experience training and execution

·  Effective BDC operations analysis

·  Indirect Lending solutions training

·  And much more.


As it’s tailored to your team’s specific needs, a training regimen from CPI can be developed as a fully-facilitated instructor-led on-site program or as a built-to order content package.

Engaging Training

We’ve all been to the mandatory training sessions before: four 90-minute monologues that accomplish nothing but waste a day of productivity. Or, there’s a motivational speaker that inspires staff for a day, but things go back to the same old way right after.

Prepare for a completely different training experience. Our master trainers engage the audience right off the start, role play scenarios, and demonstrate real-life incorporation of the tools learned in-session.

Effective Implementation and Measurable Results

But that’s just the start of the CPI journey. You aren’t left to implement techniques on your own – we’re there beside you.  Our trainers and facilitators will continue to work with your team – often at your location – ensuring that the skills learned are put into effective practice.

Constant Communication

There are often questions that come up. At the Center for Performance Improvement, you’ll always have someone to answer your questions. Expect regular follow-up to ensure your team’s success.