Healthy Mind and Body

Learn how to train your body and mind for success

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After you’ve eaten a greasy cheeseburger five days in a row, your energy is undoubtedly zapped. And as a result, your productively at work suffers. The same is true if you have a troubled home life leading to a cluttered mind.

Our fitness and well-being training course provides you with the tools needed to get in shape both inside and out. At CPI, our core principle is to make you the best, and a healthy mind and body is the first step to being prepared to learn.

Improve your team's health, increase your effectiveness  

Healthy employees are an essential part of any dealership’s ecosystem. After all, every task – from washing cars to closing sales – depends on people.

That’s why we've come up with a sustainable training course devoted to physical and mental betterment.

In it, you’ll find the advise you, and your team need to get fit and stay focused. All the key elements from our “Get Fit” tip of the day have been condensed into this single package. Plus, exclusive unseen material is included.

The CPI team of experts will come directly to your dealership to whip you into shape – in a good way.

And like any good coach, we’re here every step of the way to provide encouragement and motivation.

Here's a sample of our curriculum:

"Get Fit" Tip of the Day: Building a Strong and Positive Mindset

Today I’m going to give you a few tips I want to share to help you build a strong, positive mindset! Working at a dealership can be stressful, which can lead to thinking negatively… this only hinders success! So here’s how to build and keep a strong and positive mindset:

1. Learn to acknowledge bad days for what they are: Bad days happen to everyone! While sometimes it might be a bad week, rather than just one bad day — but it’s important not to let it get to you. It’s absolutely okay to feel angry or upset if something goes wrong, like a deal falling through that you were hoping on closing or a customer upsets you, just remember that it doesn’t determine the rest of your week, month or year. To build a strong mindset, you have to come to terms with the fact that obstacles will come up, but know that you have the strength to get through them. 

A bad day shouldn’t stop you from living your life, but it can be hard to feel ready to try something new if you’re thinking about something bad that happened last week. Next time you have a bad day, do something to boost your confidence see how much better you feel! 

2. Give your self-talk a makeover: We often speak to ourselves in a way that we would (or should) NEVER speak to another person. Imagine your friend comes to you and says they want to start a new fitness routine. You wouldn’t respond negatively, or point out that they’ve tried several times before and never actually followed through, would you? So, why would you say that to yourself? 

Start talking to yourself in an encouraging and positive way. Instead of saying “I can’t sell 5 cars this month!” try saying to yourself “I am going to make as many calls and follow ups as possible to make sure I’m doing everything I can to sell 5 cars this month!” That simple change can make a big difference to your attitude. The more you practice being kind to yourself, the easier it becomes. 

3. Take action: To develop a strong mindset, you have to learn to take action when you’re scared. I know that sounds pretty terrifying, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. I used to be so afraid of speaking on camera, but I also realized it was important to do it if I wanted to grow my career. Instead of worrying that I was speaking in front of people I didn’t know, I started to think of it as an opportunity to connect with more people. You might feel the same way about asking for the sale, or calling a customer to follow up…. Just remember, these actions will get you closer to your goals.

4. Reflect on your progress every day: When you’re looking at a big goal, like selling a goal number of services or cars in a month, for example, it can feel overwhelming. If you happen to not close a deal or get the sale, negative thoughts can creep in and may even make you feel as though you want to quit. Try making a note of the progress you’ve made because it can make a big difference! Keep a progress tracker of your sales, calls, and follow ups – this can help encourage you, and remind you of all the positive actions you’ve done and sales you’ve made over the past few months!

You could also try taking a moment at the end of the day to ask yourself what you learned, what you could improve on and where you want to go tomorrow. Strengthening your mindset takes a bit of time and practice, but it’s so worth it! Even if you feel mentally strong, I think there is always room for a little improvement. Remember, every day is an opportunity to shape your life into what YOU want it to be! It really does all start in your mind. And that’s the Get Fit Tips of the day, thanks for watching!

Our courses can be customized to your dealership or dealer group, and our experts provide a continual sustainment process to ensure success. 

No need to rush out and buy everyone at the dealership a gym membership. You and your team can start a journey towards physical and mental wellness with training from CPI. Our in-depth program provides the life hacks needed to become a better you – both on the job and everywhere else.

And like any good coach, we’re here every step of the way to provide encouragement and motivation. Even after the course is complete, our experts provide a continual sustainment process to ensure success.

For more information on this unique program, please contact Ted Ings directly, our Executive Director. His telephone number is (212) 763-0016.