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Learn with the best- and implement a transparent sales process

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No one enjoys haggling over the price of a car. In fact, for many people, a trip to the dentist is more enjoyable. So, why put your customers through such an excruciating experience? Providing all of the details upfront (price, fees, etc.) saves everyone involved both time and money. Learn how to offer a modern, transparent sales process with our expert training course.

Update your transactions with honesty and clarity

Negotiating (or in some cases, arguing) over the price of a car is a thing of the past. Your dad may have psyched himself up to go to the dealership and “get a great deal on a car”. But that attitude went out of style along with bell-bottom pants and disco dancing. Today’s customers want it all up front, and state-of-the-art dealerships are heeding their request

Don’t get left behind – learn how to bring your sales tactics into the 21st century with our expert training course. In it, we demonstrate how you can use complete transparency to win buyers over, instead of driving them away. Not only does providing honesty and clarity increase customer satisfaction, but it makes you feel better.

Ted Ings provides convenient and concise in-house coaching

Our course will get you up to speed fast, so you can get back to what you do best – selling cars. Through our professional program, you and your team will get concise information you can apply on the sales floor immediately.

Ted Ings (right) is the Executive Director of the Center for Performance Improvement. He is pictured here with EL PATRONN, General Manager of Brooklyn Mitsubishi.

Ted Ings (right) is the Executive Director of the Center for Performance Improvement. He is pictured here with EL PATRONN, General Manager of Brooklyn Mitsubishi.

Some training courses can be a snooze – we get it. That’s why we’ve made engagement a top priority. Each of our classes, including this one, is both informative and stimulating. Our expert coaches come directly to your location to provide exciting, interactive training.

Another thing that sets our program apart from everything else on the market is our unwavering support. We’re here to help you out, before, during and after your training. Our assistance doesn’t end once the course is over. A continual, metric-driven sustainment process is provided afterward to ensure success.

Here's a sample of our curriculum:

Give the Customer an F&I Roadmap

Imagine walking through your dealership with a blindfold on. Do you know what you should expect, or what’s around the next corner? That’s how a customer feels when they first sit in the F&I office. 

Set out the plan for their visit to the F&I office. Explain the demonstrations you’ll give so the customer knows what’s about to happen. 

Walk Through the Purchase Order

Run through the details of the sales agreement with the customer – their personal information, the vehicle information, and the pricing too. It demonstrates that you care and you’re committed to accuracy before you move ahead. 

Clarify the Customer’s Wants and Needs

It’s a fact-finding mission. Combined with the information provided by the salesperson, explore the customer’s ownership experience. Use open-ended questions to find out how their vehicle will be used so you can establish a baseline for which products could best suit their needs and wants. 

Present Options

This is your product presentation; your F&I walkaround. Explore the financial services and products that are suited to the customer, providing benefits to build value in each one. 

Reach an Agreement

At this step, there’s more than just asking for the sale. Repeat back the products and services that have been agreed upon to confirm you have listened, further building confidence with the car buyer. 

Transition to Delivery

Thank the customer for their business. Explain the next steps in the sales process and what the customer should expect as you hand them back to their sales consultant. 

For more information on this unique program, please contact Ted Ings directly, our Executive Director. His telephone number is (212) 763-0016.