Advanced Service Advisor Training

Build extraordinary service advisors through expert training

Being a professional service advisor is tough. You’re tasked with being the interface between customers and technicians, while also facing the pressure of meeting sales goals. Not to mention you have to order parts, bid tickets – the list goes on and on.

Every customer receives a transparent, interactive walk-around WITH their Service Advisor to address their vehicle needs and to save the customer time. No need to wait at an advisor’s desk with poor eye contact, poor body language and 3-4 customers backed up. The entire process averages less than 3 minutes.

As a service advisor, wouldn’t you like some friendly advice to make your job – and your life – easier? Our training course has the tips and tricks to do just that.  

Good people transformed into exceptional service advisors

To be an excellent service advisor, you need the passion to be the best. Training from CPI will instill that devotion in your team, while also helping build their skillset. Some of the concepts conveyed by our training course include:

  • Strategic appointment setting

  • Implementation of a pre-work order process

  • Service Advisor’s greeting at the vehicle (away from the counter)

  • 100% walk around WITH every customer

  • Lifting every hood, consistently

  • Complimentary multi-point service inspection

  • Proper presentation of a menu

  • Significant increases in accessory sales opportunities

  • Service and Accessories Menu creation/enhancement

  • Increasing tire sales

These are just a few of the areas the program covers. A thorough lineup of material is included to help service advisors become the best they can be in all aspects of their careers and life.

Train efficiently today, improve your performance immediately!

As working professionals, you and your team don’t have time to waste on drawn-out training. We get it, which is why our material is concise and to the point. Take our engaging training program today and use the tactics you learned tomorrow.

And remember – should you have any questions, we’re here for you at every step of the way. A continual, metric-driven sustainment process is provided afterward the course to ensure success.

It’s a weeklong program packed with strategies and concepts that will forever change the way your service team works with customers and one another.

Highly skilled and experienced coaches will work with your managers, customizing the training and focusing on the priorities of your individual organization.

Your staff will immediately see how customers respond to the new way of doing business. This immediate, positive feedback reinforces behavior, and ultimately creates an ongoing cultural change within your dealership.

Afterwards, they’ll be fully trained and ready to go. But it doesn’t end there. This program employs a comprehensive and metric-driven sustainment process to ensure that the benefits of the Service Process Training endure.

For more information on this unique program, please contact Ted Ings directly, our Executive Director. His telephone number is (212) 763-0016.