Service Walk Around Training

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Our Approach

The centerpiece of CPI’s approach is an interactive walk-around multi-point inspection-based selling process that can work at any dealership. Writing up service customers from behind a desk while operating a keyboard and looking at a screen is pretty much
the norm these days. Yet it draws attention away from the customer, minimizes interaction, reduces eye contact, diminishes trust and worst – of all sales opportunities are lost. And CSI surveys consistently show that customers are not pleased with this process.

The walk around gets your Service Advisors out from behind the desk, interacting with customers at their vehicles. They’re building relationships, uncovering sales opportunities and setting expectations.

Key elements of the walk-around include:

  • Being prepared
  • Greeting the customer on the drive with “We’ve been expecting you!”
  • Introducing the multi-point inspection sheet
  • Introducing the Service & Accessories Menu
  • Inside the car:
  • Confirming VIN
  • Confirming mileage out loud
  • Popping hood and turning on the lights
  • Obtaining permission to perform the walk around
  • Inspecting the tires
  • Complimenting the vehicle
  • Offering accessories when applicable
  • Noting damage or wear items
  • Inspecting fluids and belts
  • Making service recommendations
  • Completing the R.O.
  • Confirming follow up and completion times
  • Obtaining customer authorization


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“Our Service Advisors have embraced the walk-around process and the proof is in the numbers. Our CSI has risen seven percentage points and we’ve added .61 hours per customer pay R.O. in just three months. It’s definitely working for us.”