Lender Workshops: “Understanding Dealer Operations”

CPI - Understanding Dealer Operations Course.png

Reducing Exposure By Building Relationships

The Center for Performance Improvement offers an accelerated two-day course* that provides bank and lender analysts, as well as their regional field teams, with insights into the mind of the automotive Dealer Principal and key dealership personnel. 

During this course, your participants will:

·      Develop a better understanding of the vehicle buying process

·      Experience the vehicle buying and finance process from a customer’s point of view

·      Understand the backgrounds and attitudes of dealers and finance managers

·      Gain insights into how dealerships leverage the system for their own benefit

·      Learn specific dealership terminology and how it is used

·      Targeting and connecting with the right people at the dealership

·      Understand the impact of pay-plans

·      Understanding potential abuse of the system

·      Develop a real-world, actionable plan to increase your sales, profitability and client satisfaction.

This course includes extensive hands-on activities, role-plays, team building and real case studies along with interactive questions and answers.

And yes, we will even conduct the session at your location, for the ultimate convenience and maximum participation of your team.

Please contact us today at (212) 763-0016 to discuss how our comprehensive training process will work for your organization – and schedule your class today!

* Different variations (1 day, 2 day or 2 1/2 day) of this class are available.