Cheap, Dirty, Dishonest? Can You Sleep at Night?

Can You Sleep at Night?.jpg

For those who choose to make a living dishonestly, no sleeping pill will erase the negative feelings that remain…. 

Far too many F&I departments are still trying to swindle or deceive customers in order to squeeze a few dollars extra out of every deal. They attempt to slide in a service contract or gloss over an alarm that’s “included on every one of our vehicles” In training sessions across the country, we sadly hear the boasts of how one manager stole the trade, while another was able to pack an extra grand into the final balloon payment. 

But what is the real benefit to your business or your career?

With today’s customers gaining more knowledge about our business every day, it just makes good sense to reconsider the impact that this type of behavior will have on future business and your career. Armed with information from websites like,, and, customers are less likely to fall for cheap tricks. 

And if they do, they’re much more likely to find out about it and never return to your dealership again. 

Where to start?

One place to begin is by taking the time to fully disclose all finance contracts. Lease contracts are especially important because residual values or excess mileage fees can be confusing to some customers. By making sure the customer understands their responsibilities, they are more likely to trust your dealership in the future. That means future business for service, sales, and finance.

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