On this Veterans Day 2018 ...

Veterans Day.jpg

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

The next time you are tempted to feel sorry for yourself because your GSM had you split your monster commission with a newbie, take a deep breath to regain your perspective

Repeat the words "Veterans Day" a few times, and thank the Good Lord that you are not wading ashore into a hail of fast moving metal projectiles that felled many brave Americans on a bleak, late spring day during June of 1944.

The courageous 9,387 Americans buried in a massive cemetery located above the beaches of Normandy, France, did not disembark from their landing craft years ago without a specific task.

No, their mission on that fateful day was to make a voluntary ultimate sacrifice so that you and I could be free today to banter back and forth online about exciting web and selling trends as well as closing tools on this site and to face with optimism the numerous challenges of a rapidly changing auto business and a turbulent world economy.

This “Veterans Day” be sure to thank your customers who have bravely served, for their service to our country

Take stock of your lives, analyze your current “crisis of the moment” that has you wanting to start cursing and spouting negativity, and then whisper “Omaha Beach” and consider not only what happened at that now historic site during June of 1944, but reflect on an Omaha Beach event in your own life that you faced and survived to breathe and live another fantastic day. 

Because all of your days in sales are indeed fantastic, regardless of the immediate outcome. 

Think momentarily of “Veterans Day”, smile at your current good fortune, gather your inner strength, and then move forward with confidence to embrace what will surely become a better day for you and for everyone around you, including your valued customers

Who knows? One of those valued customers might even be Private Ryan’s great-grandson who has been waiting for years to be saved from a retail sales world full of cynics by a consummately courteous, ethical and honorable retail sales professional … you!

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