How to Reach the Top 1% in Just 15 Minutes a Day

If you spent merely fifteen extra minutes each day gaining one new sales idea or sharpening a sales skill, within a few years you would become an industry leader. Did you know that?

That’s the premise behind “Relationship Selling.” Sales excellence is acquired one skill at a time. As you grow your knowledge base, you will gain self-mastery.

Relationship Selling is defined as professional behavior, applied to the cultivation of relationships which generate profitability for you, your company and profitability for the person who decided to do business with you.

The original Relationship Selling, written by the author of The Acorn Principle: Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, has been published in Japanese, Chinese and Finnish and is currently taught by businesses and universities around the world.

The Relationship Selling Philosophy is: Business should be practiced as an act of friendship, rather than merely as a process of negotiation. It is about connecting with people profitably, not merely persuading them to buy.

The eight competencies of Relationship Selling are:

  1. Prepare to sell: Build and sustain sales readiness.
  2. Target the right prospects: Identify who, how and when to make contact.
  3. Connect with the person: Establish truthful communication and build trust.
  4. Assess the needs: Understand the needs of the person and their situation.
  5. Solve the main problem: Cause the person to experience the value you bring.
  6. Assure satisfaction: See that the customer remains satisfied with their decision.
  7. Manage your sales potential: Lead, motivate and grow yourself.

For further information on Relationship Selling, contact the Carthcart Institute.