Digital Presence is a Key Detail in a Dealership’s Marketing Strategy

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The service industry is extremely fickle, and retaining your current clients is as difficult as earning new customers.

What is it the competition – the automotive aftermarket service industry – does so well that snatches car owners from the dealerships they’ve bought from?


A Google ThinkInsights study from a few years ago gives clear insight into the auto service customer. It asked customers how digital influence affected drivers in their decision to choose an aftermarket service shop. 

They determined three things:

•    There is no clear differentiation between service chains in a customer’s mind. That means that most customers aren’t selective about where they take their car for service, and they even conclude that most loyal customers can be swayed.

•    Shops must use digital marketing to their advantage. Being visible online is a major reason for the customer deciding to trust the shop or chain.


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•    Mobile is where it’s at. The ability to find a solution in a pinch can be the biggest factor in choosing a service shop. 

What Does It Say to Dealerships?

Actually, the study says the customers are ripe for the picking. The competition isn’t doing anything overly well to win the customer. It isn’t that aftermarket automotive facilities are better or cheaper – in fact, the price is a very small factor in the decision to choose a service shop. 


Customers aren’t attached to their aftermarket shop in most cases. It’s because they’ve been convenient and there’s no reason to look elsewhere. But the moment it’s no longer convenient, they’ll move on. 

It’s an opportunity for dealerships to embrace. The study indicates that an obvious digital presence is a key detail in a dealership’s marketing strategy. When a potential customer is looking for somewhere to service their car, it’s the top search result that gets the most action. And when a customer needs service in a hurry, the mobile experience greatly influences their decision-making process. 

Customers are out there, ready to be picked up by a dealership service department that can make them happy. Make digital marketing, social media, and a mobile experience a top priority for your store to capture them. 

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