F&I is Under Assault - Winning With Menu Selling Workshop hosted by Rebecca Chernek: DECEMBER 4, 5 & 6, 2018 - ATLANTA, GA

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Three-day Interactive Workshop for F&I Managers

Doubletree Hilton properties, Alpharetta, GA

There’s no replacement for live F&I training, especially when it’s provided by dynamic and experienced auto industry facilitator Rebecca Chernek.

This powerful workshop course includes real world situational training using a variety of adult learning models, including role-plays, small group activities, brainstorm sessions, group feedback, and much more. This workshop guarantees your F&I manager will undergo a significant F&I performance boost while developing a positive relationship with the customer!

The purpose of this workshop is to get participants thinking through their process and how to implement best practices to massively improve their performance.

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Highlights Include:

  • How to present a digital or paper menu, the difference between the two

  • The customer interview process and its benefits.

  • How to convert cash and credit union customers.

  • The digital shopper experience - are you ready for F&I online?

  • Addressing customer concerns- Overcoming Objections - It's All About a Value Proposition

  • Why a cluttered menu cost you sales.

  • A consistent sales approach creates confidence.

  • Streamline the sales process reduce the F&I Bottleneck

  • Why re-contracts cost profits and raise liability adds to CIT

  • Compliance review

Expect an interactive F&I training session that will keep your F&I manager completely captivated and on their toes!

The course material has been carefully crafted to provide up-to-date leading material based on today’s highly informative customer. You can’t continue to use outdated training techniques and expect to stay on top!

Highly recommended by the Center for Performance Improvement!

Contact Rebecca Chernek:

Telephone: 404-276-4026 | Email: Becky@chernekconsulting.com

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