Does the Auto Industry Induce Divorce?

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USA Today recently reported that 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

That’s a sobering statistic. That rate is nearly unchanged regardless of a couple’s faith, financial, and family status. From where you sit, glance around the office and you’ll see people that are married, have major relationship issues, and certainly some who are divorced. It may even be more than once.

Fair or not, the automotive industry has been named by some as an industry that strains marriages. There are 12-hour work days, 6- or 7-day work weeks, late nights, drinks after work, and an all-consuming focus on making the next commission.

That sounds like the whistle of the divorce train steaming down the track, doesn’t it?

Retail is a Tough Industry

It’s small comfort, but you’ll find similar statistics in every retail industry – fashion, electronics, cosmetics, and restaurant, to name a few. The sales target is continuously etched in the retina, and the spousal relationship is neglected.

Personal Relationships are Important

Some managers and business owners across the country may not agree fully, but there must be a healthy work-life balance. Relationships aside from the ones we build up at work are important too. If you’re married, or once were, think about a few things:


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• When was the last time you went out on a date with your spouse? Not just dinner, but a real date? It’s very likely been a long while. Turn off your cell phone, buy a bouquet of flowers, and make intentional time to reconnect.

Rekindle your flame over an intimate dinner, then do something you both enjoy. Don’t forget to laugh with each other.

• Do your questions show that you care? You ask how their day was, but do you do it in a way that shows you are listening?

Make eye contact when you talk, as if you and your spouse are the only people who matter at that moment. Instead of just, “How was your day?”, ask “What were two or three things that were great or bad about your day?”

It encourages conversation, not just a closed answer.

• Spend time with friends as a couple. Whether you go bowling, play board games, or just chat over drinks, spending time with people that you both care about can intensify your bond together.

Yes, it has a benefit in the workplace too.

When you have a happy, successful marriage, you’ll find you’re more successful in your professional life as well.