Get Recognized as an EV Dealer

A wave of electric cars is coming! 

Electric Car.jpg

A new generation of EVs is coming soon, according to press releases from manufacturers like Volvo, Volkswagen, BMW, General Motors, Ford, Renault-Nissan, and many others. It has people excited about the future of automotive in several ways. There’s less maintenance, improved reliability, and best of all, no more fossil fuel! 

But while a majority of electric car announcements have yet to come to fruition, there’s a significant opportunity lying in wait. Dealerships and manufacturers have an opening to establish themselves as an EV hub in their city and neighborhood, even before the cars arrive in full force. 

Become an EV Dealer

Whether you’re a Chevrolet franchise with the Bolt EV already out, a Nissan retailer selling the new LEAF, or you’re another franchisee that’s awaiting the first electrified model, you can establish yourself as the go-to source. Develop a marketing campaign that focuses on the future of your brand in electric vehicles. If you start early, customers will equate your dealership name or group with being an authority in all things EV.

Provide Charging for ALL Electric Cars

You may not be able to service other makes and models, but you can still provide for their needs. There’s a huge void in the charging infrastructure, and it’s a gap you can fill for all EV owners. Install charging stations at your dealership where EV owners can pull in for a quick charge. It might be an off-brand, but when they visit your lot for a battery top-up, they’ll have a half-hour or so to browse around. They’re becoming comfortable with your store without knowing it. 

Offer to charge for a small fee, or for free if you want to draw more attention. Most of all, get the word out that your store is the place to be if you own – or want to own – an electric vehicle.