Keep Customers on Your Website Longer with Non-Automotive Content

Is it an online marketplace for vehicles? 

Keep Customers On Your Website Longer.jpg

Most certainly, it is. But most dealership websites are monotonous; they have the depth of a kiddie pool. New visitors to the website arrive from various means – social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as organic and paid searches online. They come for the vehicle information, but they stay because you're different.

Think about a time recently when you’ve browsed the World Wide Web. You Google one topic and end up on a completely different subject an hour later, forgetting where you even started. An extremely effective website is able to keep someone on their website, browsing more than their original topic of interest. That’s how you want your website to be for both new visitors and current customers alike.

Wondering how to make your web content less one-note? Break outside the automotive industry to find some inspiration. 

Local Content

Your dealership is involved in a charity drive, so write a blog post about its purpose and the results. Is there a local Santa Claus Parade in your city? Highlight the parade in an article, whether you have a presence in it or not. Give readers best-of lists for local hotspots like trendy coffee shops, popular car washes, and artsy boutiques. 

Feature Your Staff

Your staff has extremely interesting lives outside the dealership. Is someone involved in the SPCA? Do you have amateur athletes or singers, or someone participating in outdoors events? Write a staff feature on your website blog to sing their praises outside the office. 

Create Valuable Non-Automotive Content

Write content that creates value for your customers outside the automotive industry, depending on your area and demographics. If your customers are boaters too, give a top-five list of safety items to keep in their watercraft. For hot climates, give your readers ways to beat the summer heat. For rainy areas, give ideas on new activities to try on rain days.

The goal is simple: be different and engaging online. If your website can keep a shopper’s attention longer than the one before it and the one after, you have a better chance to be the dealer they visit in person!