Service Advisor Training is a Process That’s Never Done

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

Imagine getting trained to sell, then being left to do your job for years and years.

It doesn’t sound like the way to grow and improve, does it?  Your product has changed significantly, and the way to the sale always needs to be tweaked. And, like all of us, the salesperson needs to be refocused on how best to get the job done.

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See where this is going? It’s the same for service advisors. Of course, product training isn’t quite as crucial in the service department, although it shouldn’t be ignored either. But the process may need to be adapted to a changing customer base, and the need to focus on the right way to do the job is an absolute necessity from time to time. 

What’s Involved in Service Advisor Training

If you’re looking for a magic formula or template for effective service advisor training, you won’t find it. There’s no one template or pattern that works for every service department. Some aspects of training will be consistent – for example, walk-around training, tracking KPI’s, and customer service strategies. But each dealership needs something specific.


When you’re searching for service advisor training for your team, look for a trainer whose material is customized to your store’s needs. It involves a site visit, conversation with all levels of management, and an agreed-upon strategy for success. It’s only then that a training plan can be implemented and monitored. 

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How Often is Service Advisor Training Needed?

Service Advisor training needs to be continuous. There’s always something to improve upon. Think of it as continuous learning. Advisors should be engaged in learning material all the time, whether it’s OEM online courses, reading books from top performers, or participating in hands-on instructor-led training sessions. 


At least once monthly, an instructor-led in-dealership program should be part of the training regimen, if for nothing else than to hone skills and refocus on goals. 

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