The Research-Obsessed Consumer in Automotive

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By Ted Ings, Executive Director

There’s always one person in your circle of friends that research every little detail – it might even be you. 

A recent Think with Google report explains it using a restaurant as the example. Your group decides on a restaurant and makes a reservation. But that one friend goes further, reading every review, looking through the menu online, and checking out their social pages. From house specials to pricing and foodie pics, they delve into every detail. They’re known as the ‘research-obsessed consumer’. 

It probably sounds like someone you know. But it isn’t just restaurants they research to death; it’s shopping, shows, and yes, even automotive-related experiences. 

What Do You Do for the Research-Obsessed Consumer?

What does it look like in the auto industry? It has implications in all facets of retail automotive. The research-obsessed consumer looks at the manufacturer’s website and reads online reviews for their customer service. 

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They browse dealerships within their servicing radius, typically more than one, to find the highest rated. Their obsession may lead them to inquire about several vehicle listings, whether they intend to buy soon or not. 

The same consumer has implications for parts and accessories, collision repair, and the service department. What they want is a glimpse into the car, the dealership, the manufacturer. The research-obsessed consumer wants the upper hand; a sneak peek, if you will. 


It also gets them excited for the experience they’re about to have. Or at least, it prepares them for what to expect. And it helps them shop more confidently, according to the Think with Google report. 

What does it look like? 

•    Thorough online content. Between vehicle descriptions, blogs, service information, and an introduction to your team, your website has everything a researcher could ask for. 

•    The most reviews. Google reviews stacked sky-high are a place great researchers love to start. 

•    Tons of pictures. Put up photos from all around your store on your website, Google+ page, and all your social pages. It’s that sneak peak int your store that researchers want.

 How Do You React to the Research-Obsessed Consumer?

Give them what they want! There’s just one way to win with the in-depth researcher, and that’s to earn their trust with your website, content, and reviews.


As an added bonus, the same information that appeals to the research-obsessed consumer also appeals to the average shopper – just to a lesser degree.