Selling Accessories Isn’t Just for Parts Departments

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“You’re selling enough accessories,” said no OEM ever. 

There’s always a push to increase accessory sales from district parts managers. It’s a booming industry on the aftermarket side, and OEMs want to capture a larger part of the $216 billion-dollar market. With the aftermarket industry growing at a rate of 8 percent annually, according to SEMA, there’s a huge payoff if dealerships can drive sales. 


But it’s not just up to the parts department to sell accessories over the counter. The whole dealership has an opportunity to boost sales – not just in parts, but in labor sales too. 

How Dealership Departments Can Help Accessory Sales

Wondering how each department can help sell accessories? It’s quite easy, no matter where you sit. 

The Sales Floor

Customers love to personalize their vehicle. What better way to close the sale than by asking the customer which accessories they’d like to add to their vehicle? The assumptive close yields results!


The customer more easily accepts sales terms PLUS has the opportunity to make their vehicle more personal with accessories. 

The F&I Office

An ‘evidence manual’ of accessorized vehicles can help pump up F&I office sales. Take pictures of common accessory packages and compile pricing lists that customers can choose from. Just two or three for each popular model will do the trick. 

The Service Department


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Have popular accessories on display by service advisors and in the customer lounge. Let customers see what’s available. Have the same ‘evidence manual’ on display at the service advisors’ desks and in the lounge, giving customers the ability to find packages they like and want.
The Collision Repair Shop

It’s the perfect time to install accessories. In the collision repair shop, give customers the ability to customize their cars before they get them back.


Especially for body-related accessories, the collision repair shop is the best place to have accessories installed too!

All OEMs want a bigger piece of the accessory sales pie. It’s a $216 billion-dollar industry, after all. But boosting accessory sales and satisfying the district parts manager isn’t all on the parts department. It’s a task the whole dealership can help with.