Fit Seasonal Service Packages Into Your Service Drive Write-up Process

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Seasonal Service Packages Supplement the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule

Some customers don’t want to follow an oil life monitor for their vehicle maintenance.

They might rather change their oil every season. There’s no reason to push back against it – instead, offer your customers the option to go above and beyond with seasonal service packages.

There are some elderly customers who will always change their oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Some skeptical millennials don’t trust the technology. Whatever the case, there are some customers who would prefer to visit the service department every season for routine maintenance.


If you’re a service manager or service advisor, you can probably name three or four people like that off the top of your head. And for the customers who want the traditional maintenance plan, you should have seasonal service packages available.

Ted Ings, Customer Experience Expert at CPI, says, “Why fight the sale? If there’s a customer who wants to go above and beyond the required maintenance, give them the opportunity. The reason is simple: if they aren’t given the option to do seasonal services at your store, they’re going to go somewhere else.”

How Seasonal Service Packages Fit In


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Don’t ignore the manufacturer’s schedule at all. Each service should be done on time, every time. The exception is that seasonal service packages may be done prior to being due.


Customers who choose a seasonal package should always be aware it’s a supplement, not a replacement for the maintenance schedule.

Tailor Packages to the Season

A summer package can have an air conditioning performance test, for example. A winter package may include a block heater test. Offer seasonal service packages that are obviously designed for each season.

Offer Two Variations

Provide customers the option for a seasonal service package with an oil change and without. Those who follow their oil life monitoring system might still want a seasonal service even though their oil change isn’t required anytime soon.

It’s about providing the services your customer want – the ones they’ll go elsewhere to get if you don’t provide them. It helps you with customer retention and a little bit of sales along the way.