Nominees Wanted: Top Women at Retail Automotive Dealerships

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

New York, NY - The Center for Performance Improvement (CPI) will recognize women who are currently making a significant contribution - as everyday heroes at the retail dealership level.

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Do you know someone who exemplifies the role of women at the retail dealership level? Perhaps yourself? What motivates you? We would like you to tell us!

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Inspiring Nominees Wanted!

You will be featured in an article published in March 2019 on our website.

When we elevate women in the dealership community and workplace we create role models for other women to follow in their footsteps.

To Be Eligible

Nominees must be currently employed at a North American franchised dealership or dealer group, auto repair shop or body shop. Sales, F&I, product specialists, fixed operations (service-parts), training, BDC, marketing, CX, management, HR, executive leadership, technicians, car rental and administration ... are all eligible!

Take This Opportunity to Connect

… and be inspired by women who are leading by example! Whether you are a friend, colleague, sponsor or supporter, take this opportunity to celebrate you and be inspired to do more and be more.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please send a DM to Ted Ings on LinkedIn or contact us below.

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