Why a New Owner Vehicle Technology Clinic Is Important to Your Customers

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Ted Ings

Executive Director, CPI


By Ted Ings, Customer Experience Expert #CX

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We’ve brought you the idea of implementing technology clinics in your dealership, and we’ve explored how to put one on successfully.

This time, the focus is on WHY putting on a technology clinic is such a significant event for your customers.

Let’s look at a couple of statistics:

• According to the 2017 Kantar TNS Connected Car Survey, 47 percent felt there is a disconnect between their car’s features and their real-world benefits.

• The 2016 Gen Z Study by AutoTrader discovered that 35 percent of that generation found infotainment to be a key driver when purchasing. Safety features, including driver-assistive features, are even more important as identified by 43 percent of those surveyed.

In summation, car owners find it’s important to have the features, but they don’t know how to use them in the real world.

Active car shoppers may not know the extent of the technology their car contains. Honestly, there’s more in a modern vehicle than can be fully explained in a sales demonstration. A customer just won’t retain all that knowledge at once.

At the time of delivery, you’ll set up the basic tech with the customer – their Bluetooth, radio stations and SiriusXM – and set them free on the streets.


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But there’s more they should know. Whether it’s setting and adjusting adaptive cruise control, using Qi-compatible wireless charging, or changing views on their bird’s eye view camera, there are options they could use help with.

Once you’ve scheduled technology clinics, use them for enhanced customer loyalty. Schedule the customer’s visit to the next technology clinic when they take delivery.

Another tip: technology on its own is a great way to earn loyalty.

Like you’ve seen in the smartphone world, customers are less likely to change brands once they’ve become comfortable with one.


Use that tendency to your advantage by teaching customers how to use their car’s tools at a technology clinic.