Top Reasons to Say "Thank You" and Ask for Referrals

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By Ted Ings, Executive Director

Purchasing a vehicle is often the second largest purchase a customer makes in their lifetime.

Yet on the dealership level, we tend to become numb to it as if it were a simple, transactional purchase. Often forgoing the “thank you” to the customer, which is one of the simplest things we can do that can have a major impact. As the customer is most likely still relishing the moment of their “new vehicle.” This is especially true if it is their first new vehicle purchase!


That said, here are some tips and pointers to send a “personalized” thank you note, which can also serve as the foundation for building referrals and reviews!

Be proactive. Thank you to follow-up.

Once you have sent the letter (see below), the next step is to make a phone call to the customer. Imagine that you just purchased a new vehicle, which has a lot of new technology in it, but are unable to connect the phone to the vehicle. Or cannot figure out how to use the CarPlay? That can be frustrating, right? Now imagine this is the second day of ownership and they cannot get ahold of you? This can turn what was otherwise a great experience into an upsetting situation for the customer. Where if you had called to follow-up and thank them for their business they would have let you know their concern. Allowing you to address it.


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This happens more often than you would think. The other issue - besides not calling the customer - is that if you do not contact the customer and the OEM sends their survey out - imagine how that will turn-out? Given that they could not get their phone connected or use their CarPlay. Once the customer receives that OEM survey, they will voice their concerns by giving a bad survey. Costing the dealer not just potential revenue in service and repeat sales, but the customer! All because a phone call was not made?

Here are a few things to consider when saying thank you:

Thank You Letter

In the day and age of email, that sense of emotion can be lost in translation. Whereas, there is still something very personal with a handwritten note, which can go a long way. The handwritten note can also be used as a tool to build your online reviews in addition to helping you grow your business with referrals!

Here is an example below:

Dear Mr. Customer,

I want to personally thank you for your purchase on the (vehicle)! We sincerely appreciate your business here with us at (dealership)!

(insert their photo with the vehicle that you took!)


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I hope that it was an excellent experience for you as we strive at (dealership) to offer nothing but the best! I have also included some of my business cards in case any friends, family or relatives are in need of a new vehicle. We even have a referral program, which can give you up to $XX for everyone you refer.

And remember, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call. My (dealership) might also be sending you a survey. If you could fill that out, it would be great! In the meantime, can you kindly take a moment to write me a review on (platform)?

Thank you again!

(Sales Consultant)

Customers will remember a handwritten letter.

As for the verbiage, it can easily change as it is best to base it on the sales consultant’s perspective. However, the core contents that should be included are:

- Thank you

- Referral

- Review

- Follow-up!

Including these will better your chances of continuing that relationship with the customer! In addition to ensuring that the customer continues to have a positive experience as they begin their journey in the service department.

Ask for Referrals

Building a business as a new sales consultant is no easy feat! But one of the ways you can build your business is by word of mouth. Where your customers - whose neighbors, colleagues, friends, & family - are all in awe of their new vehicle.


Asking “where did you get that?” “Did you get a good deal?” which is something many customers will love to talk about! And there is an excellent chance that one of their many neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family is in the market to purchase a vehicle! Referrals are also usually better deals as they are starting the purchase without their dukes up. And in many cases, they are excited to work with you!

As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to build your business - with referrals - is to ask! And or including business cards (with your photo) in their “thank you” letter!

Bottom Line: Take a minute to make the call and send the letter. There is enough time in the day to make the phone call to the customer who made the purchase.

Keeping in mind too, that customers do not purchase a vehicle every day. That it is most likely the second most expensive thing, they are buying! So send out the personalized thank you letter, which also serves as a means of gathering referrals and reviews!

All giving you more opportunities to sell more vehicles! Don’t let all of the hard work go to waste. Use it to your advantage!