How Do You Train Your Field Team?

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Part 1 of a two-part series

Competition is fierce these days: companies spend millions on research, investment – and of course, training – to stay in the game. To remain relevant, you and your field team must continually work towards self-improvement.

And the best way to do that is through an interactive workshop, hosted by Ted Ings at CPI. If your field organization regularly calls on dealers and dealer groups, this workshop is the ultimate way to improve your skills – and your sales.

Train with the best, achieve success

A recent study found only 9.6% of businesses feel their sales training programs exceeded expectation, while only 33% met expectations [Behar].

But the outcome is different with workshops from Ted Ings. Countless organizations achieve measurable results through the uniquely-structured program.

What differentiates CPI training from the competition is the interactive nature; your team becomes fully-immersed and absorbs each lesson. As a bonus, everyone gets to have fun, leading to an incredible team-building experience.

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Interactive field team workshop: a salesperson’s flight simulator

Aspiring fighter jet pilots don’t jump right into the cockpit. Instead, they start in a flight simulator, so no one gets hurt if they crash and burn.

An interactive field team workshop is like a flight simulator…but for salespeople. Each participant gets hands-on practice to prepare them for D-day: meeting with the dealer. Ted uses his knowledge – built from over 30 years of auto industry experience – to lead participants through mock scenarios that mirror the greatest challenges in the field.

Just like a pilot, after training with CPI – your team will be ready to soar.

Real-world results in a single day

Real-world results are the main reason to choose training from CPI. Ted’s workshops keep everyone engaged through interactive roleplay. Participants retain what they learn and apply it at the workplace immediately.

Why the process is best with Ted Ings at CPI

Take, for example, the workshop’s “meet with the dealer” roleplay scenario:

When your team meets with a Dealer Principal or General Manager, they have approximately 60-seconds to capture that person’s attention. When the audience is familiar, it’s even more important to grab their interest quickly.


To prepare your team for this intimidating situation, Ted performs role plays with them in triads, using real-world scenarios. After training, your sales force will be ready to make a striking impression that represents your brand and its values.

Ted Ings with the Permplate team at their training session in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ted Ings with the Permplate team at their training session in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ted Ings role-plays the following aspects of engagement to prepare your team for their next dealer meeting:

Opening: Ted trains your team to be high-energy and engaging from the moment they walk into the room.

Objective: Make the object crystal-clear before moving on to execution.

Agenda: Dealers and General Managers don’t have time to waste. Be prepared with a well-planned agenda.

Body: Communicate the main message clearly and effectively.

Evidence: Why should the dealer choose your product? Be prepared with rock-solid evidence.

Close: Asking for the sale is the toughest part. Here’s how to do it.

Referrals: Request more business the right way.

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared and stumbling during a presentation. CPI readies your team to use activities or media to seal the deal, such as the following:

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Exclusively for Dealers, Executive Managers and OEM/Lenders/Suppliers

• How to use proper evidence (reports, rankings) for maximum effectiveness

• Asking the right questions (clarifying, objective-drive, open ended and closed)

• Icebreakers for engaging the Dealer/General Manager

• Brainstorming sessions (interactivity and inspiring)

• Role-play activities (Actual case studies)

• Small group charting and games (real-world challenges)

• Asking for the sale (types of closes, overcoming objections)

It’s important to keep in mind: all activities and media should relate to the objective. Sometimes, activities are nice as icebreakers, but it’s better if they have a specific purpose. For example: Ted extensively role-plays with your team throughout the training day.

Interactive field service training: live in Salt Lake City, UT

Recently, Ted performed his breakthrough interactive workshop with Permaplate ¬– a team of retail automotive field experts who have been in business since 1978 ¬¬– in Salt Lake City, Utah. The program helped one of the biggest aftermarket protection companies perfect their sales approach.

"Ted is a consummate automotive professional, with a deep understanding of the dealership space. He was able to understand, engage and leave many best practices that will stick with our team. His presentation style kept our team fully engrossed, which as presenters and trainers themselves, is no easy task."

Four Case Studies (role plays) were conducted during the course of the day. Every ten minutes, the participants were up and moving and engaged in activities, such as spin-charting, preparing presentations, overcoming objections, videos, action plans, and goal setting.


During the training session in Salt Lake, the Permaplate group learned invaluable skills that will last them a lifetime. And they had fun doing it, too!

Ted Ings can do the same for your field sales team – contact CPI to find out more.

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