Why Choose Us?

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Answer: RESULTS!

Effective real-world training is all too often an overlooked or neglected part of a retail business.

Companies invest millions in technology and infrastructure but not always in training, and when they do train they often use boring and outdated methods. They lecture to their employees, making them listen to hours of boring training material that hasn’t changed in decades, and at the end of the day, no one has really learned anything.

If you truly want to train your employees to reach their full potential and take your business to the next level, you need to find the right training partner.

And it’s not as simple as contracting the first trainer that pops up on Google Ads. To train your employees effectively you need someone that not only understands your business but also has a passion for training people.

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You need someone who can speak your corporate language - as well as the retail language, and make training interesting and instill passion in your employees! And that is no easy task.

It is exactly what sets us, at the Center for Performance Improvement, apart from the competition. When you bring us on board, you don’t just get the expertise of a company that is committed to providing first-rate training, you also get our passion for the automotive industry and our commitment to making YOU the best.

Who is the Center for Performance Improvement?

Our team has extensive real-world retail experience and is committed to providing the best training in the automotive industry. Not because it is our job but because it is our passion. The facilitators at the Center for Performance Improvement are real people with hands-on experience in the automotive industry and related fields.

What we bring to the table:

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CPI has a thorough understanding of the automotive industry and years of training experience. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

But more importantly, we can pass that knowledge on to your employees, and help them gain a better understanding of the industry. We can demonstrate to them how to improve their sales and levels of service, as well as offer practical advice that can be implemented in the day to day management of your dealership.

1. Our training is highly-interactive, FUN and engaging.

We do not employ talking heads who stand up in front of your employees and lecture to them. Studies have shown time, and time again, that people learn far more from being active participants rather than a passive audience. Our facilitators like to mix things up and interact with your employees, involving them in all facets of the training session. The average attention span of most people is about two minutes. Knowing this is important to us because it helps us formulate training sessions that keep people focused and interested, and we achieve this with a combination of role play, interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions, in-dealership training, demonstrations, discussions and video clips.

2. Extensive real-world retail experience.

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What we offer is not just book learning and theoretical knowledge. Our facilitators and curriculum developers have extensive dealership experience, and we use this knowledge to create high-quality study material and high-energy training sessions.


We also apply this knowledge to adapt our training sessions to meet your needs - so all solutions are customized.

We can give you practical advice, answer questions that are unique to your situation, and provide examples of real-life implementation that can be practically applied to improve your business. We show you how to optimize brainstorming sessions, prioritize tasks, and apply the three P’s (planning, preparation, and presentation) effectively to improve in-house training.

3. Results, Results, Results!

You don’t stay at the top of your game in any industry without knowing how to get results and we know that our training methods are effective because the results speak for themselves. Our leadership team has successfully designed, launched and implemented dozens of OEM key retail process initiatives throughout 1000’s of US dealerships, helping them achieve specific goals with measurable results.

4. CPI understands that the journey is often as important as the destination.

Our training platform get results because it is not just about achieving short term goals, but rather focus on continuous performance improvement.

We help you improve your retail processes and coach your team so that together, you can take your dealership to the next level. All our training sessions are tailored to your team’s specific needs and can be developed as fully-facilitated instructor-led on-site programs or built-to-order content packages.

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5. Our secret weapon - Ted Ings

And of course, we have what no one else has, Ted Ings, renowned live trainer and customer experience expert.

Ted’s approach to business, and life is a combination of vision and adaptability, and this has led to unimaginable success. And he can help you achieve those same levels of success.


Ted has been in the retail car business since 1981 and during his career in training and development, he has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Ted is a 4-time NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) Convention speaker and one of their highest-rated presenters. He has successfully implemented dozens of initiatives for OEM’s and Total Quality Management processes at thousands of dealerships in North America and around the world, revolutionizing the way vehicles are sold. This makes Ted an invaluable asset to your business and when you use the Center for Performance Improvement to conduct your training, you get both the benefit of his vision and his experience.

On a practical note …

• Our training sessions include on-site instructor-led training programs and custom web learning curriculums for our clients.

• Training and content are tailored to every client’s needs. Regardless of whether you are a small dealership, a large dealer group, OEM, or lender, we will tailor our training sessions to be relevant to your business.

• We offer expert retail training for sales consultants and managers, finance departments, fixed operations, service advisors and all areas of dealership operations.

• We create professional material, including subject matter expertise, video streams, self-paced study materials, and participant and leader guides.

No matter how successful your business is, there is always room for improvement and CPI can help you reach new heights in the automotive industry.

Whether you just need a little nudge towards success or a partner to guide you through major changes, the Center for Performance Improvement is there to help you.

Our Core Principle is simple: to make YOU the best.