Tip of the Day - 3 Tips to Improve F&I Product Sales


Here are 3 tips to improve sales in the F&I office.

1. Introduce F&I Early in the Sales Process

Introduce the F&I advisor before closing the sale. Be transparent about what the customer should expect later on, including F&I products, insurances, and potentially starting the credit approval early on. It breaks down walls later – a hurdle you won’t have to jump.

2. Focus on the Customer’s Needs!

The needs assessment tells you exactly what the customer would benefit from the most. Focus on what serves the customer best, then introduce other valuable products. It’s a great way to start the conversation with ‘yes’ as an answer.

3. Feature Your Worst Seller

There’s always the one thing you don’t like to sell or just can’t do well. Don’t skip it – feature it! Make it one of your highlights in the product demo.

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