Tip of the Day - Consistency Pays Off


Just in case your parents never told you the story:

The Tortoise and the Hare had a race. The Hare, being more gifted and talented, burst out to a quick lead. Assuming he had the race in hand, Mr. Hare chose to take a nap - during which time Mr. Tortoise plodded right by the sleeping bunny. 

When Mr. Hare awoke and realized the situation, he busted his little cottontail as fast as he could but it was too late. Mr. Tortoise had already won the race. 

Both sales managers and salespeople too often approach their jobs the way Mr. Hare approached the race. They set a goal, work hard in small bursts and then snooze through the rest of the month. Then, when the last weekend approaches, they try to create whatever sales they can, usually falling short of the goal.  

If you practice consistent, regular follow up and prospecting every day, it will result in more appointments, referrals and repeat business. And you’ll never have to worry about what day of the month it is.

And that’s the Tip of the Day. 

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