Tip of the Day - How to be a “First Half” Service Manager!


Attention Service Managers! 

If you're finding yourself tucked away in your office - avoiding the morning service lane - you are not the only one. It can be easy as it becomes routine. That routine, however, does not allow for you to coach your team - your service advisors - in the first half- as in a football game. 

The initial stages – the “first half” - is also what sets up the foundation on which the customer's experience is affected. 

Everything from the customer's arrival, the meet and greet, to the walk-around. If you are in the office unavailable to the team, it can hurt the customer's experience as the service advisors might be backed-up two or three customers at a time. In which case, the customer is left standing at the advisor's desk, or worse at their vehicle trying to figure out what the next step is? 

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