Tip of the Day - 7 Steps to Setting Your Goals


 When it comes to success, proper goal setting makes the difference between mediocrity – and accomplishment. So here are 7 steps you need to know:

1.  Identify the Goal– Be specific and write it down. If you don’t identify a target you will never hit it. 

2. List the Benefits – What’s in it for me? Once you identify a specific goal you need to list what you will receive by reaching that goal.

3. List the Obstacles to Overcome: There will be some rough spots on your journey as you work to achieve your goals. Many of them can be anticipated and if you can prepare yourself in advance to overcome it. 

4. List the Skills and Knowledgeneeded: What information will you require to accomplish your goal? Do you need to attend a class or read a book?

5. Identify the People and Groups to help you: We all do a better job when we have the assistance of others. They can offer valuable advice on the road to success.

6. Develop a Plan of Action: This is the most critical step and it involves thinking through the specific details of how you will achieve your goal. 

7. Set a Deadline for Achievement: If you don’t set a deadline for completing your goal you will not be able to be accountable to yourself, or anyone else.

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