Tip of the Day - 6 Benefits of Hiring Female Automotive Technicians


The automotive industry is no longer exclusively a “man’s world”. The number of female technicians is growing, and your dealership can benefit from hiring them. 

1. Diversity 

 Greatness is born from diversity – and that’s why it’s imperative your dealership has female technicians on staff. Women can provide a different viewpoint when it comes to problem solving and diagnostics.

2. Better environment 

 When male technicians are just with “the guys” day in and day out, they may lose touch with women’s unique needs. Regularly being with someone different from yourself improves understanding and acceptance. As a result, men are likely to be more considerate towards both female customers and coworkers.

3. Larger applicant pool 

 It’s no secret there’s a shortage of automotive technicians. Adding women to your list of candidates increases your applicant pool and improves your chances of hiring a stellar tech. 

4. Exceptional technicians 

Some of the best technicians are women. It’s unfortunate, but because they've been discriminated against, women in the often feel they have more to prove. As a result, they’ll go the extra mile, getting the training and certifications they need to make them the best in the business.

5. Increased employee morale

A diverse team brings employees together and increases morale. Women add a little something extra to the mix that helps everyone unite as one. 

6. Greater trust  

 Women trust other women – especially in the male-dominated automotive industry. In many cases, having a female technician on staff will earn greater trust from women customers. 

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