Today’s Customers Require a "Shared Control" Process

Share Control with Your Customers

Most managers will tell you that to be successful; you’ll need to control the sales process.

While we don’t disagree, we do believe that today’s customer requires a shared control process. 

How do you "Share Control" with Your Customers?

The idea is simple: Tell the customer what you’d like to do, provide them with a reason that it will be good for them, and ask them to agree with your plan. 

We call it Preview, Advantage and Confirm.

Here’s an example:

After the customer tells me they’re interested in looking for a luxury SUV, I might say:

“I have over a hundred in stock, so I’d like to ask you just a few questions to determine which of our vehicles will meet your needs. 

This will help me focus on what’s most important to you and save you some time. 

That makes sense, doesn’t it?”

Learning to share control with your customer is vital to your success. You can use this same strategy at every step of the sales and service process. 

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