The Problem With “No Problem”

Center for Performance Improvement - The Problem With "No Problem"

There’s no inherent evil in the two-word phrase “no problem.”

That’s not the issue.

Well meaning, well trained, highly skilled employees populate the automotive industry. They thrive and interact with customers each day. Conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs by years of repetition, sales and service professionals in our industry have taken to using and reusing the phrase “no problem” reflexively, day in, day out, whenever their customers might have requests or might ask simple questions.

When did the polite response, “You’re Welcome” become too familiar, uninteresting or irrelevant?

The problem with the phrase “no problem” is two-fold:

1. It has become a reflexive, “deflecting” response that is so commonly heard that it is now totally devoid of any substantive meaning.

2. It contains the noun “problem.”

Using an empty phrase that is uttered daily by hundreds of thousands of other sales and service professionals nationwide does nothing to differentiate you from the pack.

But, if that’s no problem, then, hey, no problem.

And why would you voluntarily select and utter the noun “problem” in any sentence, since your customers, influenced by widespread (unfair) stereotypes of our industry, may be expecting to encounter some sort of “problem” during interactions with you, even if you are truly the greatest thing since sliced bread?

I don’t have a problem with much in this fantastic world of ours, but I do have a problem with “no problem.”

You should, too.

If not, no problem. See what I mean?

Evaluate the extent of the “no problem” problem at your dealership today. Your customers will be glad you did.

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