The Power of First Impressions

Importance of a Good First Impression.jpg

Making a good first impression has a significant impact on sales success.

And I’m not talking about exterior beauty. Frankly, it goes much deeper than that.

You could be the most intelligent salesperson or representative at your company, have the best closing techniques, and have the highest level of product knowledge but still not be the top producer.

One of the reasons could be how you make your first impressions.

You Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Some of the factors that contribute to a good first impression include:

-The cleanliness and condition of your clothes. Are they ironed and crisp or do they look like you just crawled out of bed?

-How you keep your hair and/or beard. Whether long or short, is it clean and groomed nicely?



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-Your body language and location when you come in contact with a client. Do you huddle with other representatives who smoke and drink coffee? Or are you ready to greet every client without concern for your breath or what to do with your cigarette butts?

-Hygiene and other factors. – Do you wear deodorant? Is your cologne or perfume too strong? Do you greet customers while you’re still chewing your lunch?


Consider the fact that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Drop the ball on this one, and you’ve just lost a sale that impacts you, your company and your opportunities for future business.

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