I'm Surrounded

Center for Performance Improvement - Article I'm Surrounded


There they are. All around you. Everywhere. People. In cars. In trucks. In SUVs. Out of cars. Out of trucks. Out of SUVs. Near their cars. Near their trucks. Near their SUVs. On line. On the phone. In your face. Running toward you. Running away from you. Anxious about speaking to you. Eager to speak to you. Behind you. In front of you. Next to you. One hundred steps to your northwest. One step to your southeast. People.

Every one of them a customer. Every single one of them. Today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Your customer. Or not your client.

The next move is yours. After you look up to heaven and say, silently, "Thank God, I'm surrounded."  Because being surrounded is the car warrior's ultimate gift.

Right now, today, take a good hard look around you, everywhere you go.

And I do mean everywhere. You, too, will be surrounded on a constant basis, and, given your adoption of the right positive mindset that people rock, that condition will lead to a fatter W-2 and to a happier life.

When your Dealer Principals, GM or SM asks you later today, "Hey, how's it going?" You should be responding with glee, "Life's fantastic, I'm surrounded!"

Because if you're constantly surrounded and loving it, there's no escape from success. None at all. What a beautiful way to live.

Surrounded. With nowhere to go but up.

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