Fixed Operations and Training: Key to Growth

The demand for automotive service technicians is greater than ever.

According to a new report from the TechForce Foundation, the shortage of automotive technicians is much more severe than previously calculated, and it will take at least two or three more years for the industry to add the 75,900 technicians needed. 

The Foundation commissioned a report to detail the shortage in large part because statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) haven’t provided an accurate view.

Center for Performance Improvement - Fixed Operations Training - Key to Growth

In recent years, auto manufacturers and large dealer groups have turned their focus toward improving customer satisfaction in service because they know the direction the industry is headed. Service processes that focus on building positive customer relationships, improved CSI scores and driving repeat business are number one on many training wish lists.

That old saying that the Sales Department sells the first car and the Service Department sells the rest is truer today than ever.

And five years from now, it may be the difference between those who remain in business and those who enter forced retirement.

Just consider:

Your New Vehicle Sales Department – The auto industry’s factories can produce nearly 40% more vehicles than are currently needed, while reduced demand for vehicles has created the highest incentives of all time. There is a recent glut of used vehicles which has driven trade values down.

Your Service and Parts Departments - By contrast, here's where the opportunity exists. Combined with the aforementioned sales statistics, it’s clear that consumers are planning to hold on to their cars longer than they have in the past.

In order for your dealership to be competitive in the future, you’ll need to implement a real-world service process that gets results. Our facilitation team has had extraordinary success in improving CSI scores and retail profitability.

Contact us today to find out how we’re turning around the fortunes of OEMs and retailers across the country.

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