“Decline the Invitation to the Party”

Decline the Invitation to the Party - Center for Performance Improvement

In sales, negativism will strike somewhere. Decide what strategy you will employ when it happens. Make your plan now!

It seems the moment we have a gripe, complaint or bad attitude about something (or someone) we immediately want to share it with others.

Unfortunately, the flames of bad attitude spread faster than California wild fires.

So how do you stop them from burning down your house?

  1. Be prepared — You know that negativism will strike somewhere. Decide what strategy you will employ when it happens. Make your plan now! And above all, don’t provide available fuel for the fire.
  2. Avoid the pyro (short for pyromaniac) party — People love to gather at breaks or lunch for a mutual “pity party” or “complaint consortium”. Don’t accept the invitation! You may be looked at as snobby, but you’ll stay clear of the flames.
  3. Evacuate early — You’re only human. Don’t think you can stand and face the fire for very long. Hanging out with negative people will eventually rub off on you, so leave the conversation as quickly as you can.
  4. Treat burns quickly — If you do get sucked into the negative inferno, get out and get treatment! Pick up a good book on positive thinking or personal growth. Clean out the smoke and cut away the charred wood from your mind.

Stop Sabotaging Yourself | Debi Silber | TEDxFultonStreet

We know that life is filled with opportunities to focus on bad people and bad circumstances. You can’t avoid them entirely. But you can choose to take control of your own thoughts, and how you spend your time.

So spend it with thoughts based on positive attitudes, and you’ll be happier and more successful.