Only 1 Point of View Really Counts

What are your organization’s strengths and weaknesses? To find out where to look, we took a page from one of the world’s great inventors and industrial designers …

Where to start.

Steve Jobs Center for Performance Improvement

We recently performed self-assessment studies with over 4,800 participants in regional workshops nationwide to determine their need for improvement along several categories.

These categories included assessment of their management team, customer processes, and available resources.

As you might expect, the results from organization to organization varied greatly. What may come as a surprise is the fact that results from manager to manager within the same store also varied greatly.

While one manager saw an area of strength, another manager viewed the same area as a weakness. This occurred because the assessment was skewed by the participant’s own prejudices and point-of-view. This brings up some key points to consider when determining what areas of training are needed at your organization:

Here were the key take-aways:

1. The most important perspective should be that of your customer, not your management team. What specific questions on your customer satisfaction surveys indicate a need for change or improvement?

2. Do you perform your own internal customer surveys to determine how to improve specific products, processes and/or personnel?

3. Training solutions should be able to address specific areas. Cookie cutter approaches can address the general concerns but not the specific concerns needed to take you to the next level of performance.

4. When you attend training, consider the fact that your point-of-view will impact the benefits you take from the class. Change your point –of-view and the results of the learning will change.

Our approach to training includes assessment, best practices training, and customized delivery to cover all areas of organizational improvement. We take into account the variety of perspectives when developing our learning materials and workshops.

Our solutions are real world based on research and retail experience. Above all else, they are customer focused!