Accountability is Not a Dirty Word

Center for Performance Improvement - Accountability is Not a Dirty Word

One of the main reasons for failure in any organization is that senior management isn’t willing to hold sales managers accountable. Once a system, of any type, is in place and numbers begin to come in, many managers will make excuses or argue that the data is incorrect.

“We can’t possibly be that bad!”

But the reality is usually much worse.

Sales Consultants and Service Advisors will often attempt to trick the system by inputting wrong or erroneous information. When they do this, it skews the numbers and they don’t make sense.

An experienced Sales or Service Manager knows how to analyze the information and find the truth. But often, they won’t go beyond a simple scolding. They won’t take corrective action.

Making the tough decisions

Alan Mulally is arguably one of the most successful automotive CEO’s in modern history. His leadership at Ford Motor Company took them to incredible success after a rough patch.

To accomplish this, Mulally made some unpopular moves which paid-off in the long run.

One of the most aggressive actions was to eliminate the bottom 10% of Ford’s salaried workforce, regardless of tenure. Mulally understood that his responsibility was to restore the Ford Motor Company to profitability. So he identified the people who didn’t contribute to profitability and they parted ways.

Until you’re willing to hold your people accountable for performance, you will not achieve the success you’re looking for. And they will never reach their potential either.

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