“He's JUSTA Stroker Who Will Waste My Valuable Time”

Center for Performance Improvement - Auto Sales Excuses

Stop making these 15 sales excuses that are holding you back.

What’s the daily "excuse count" at your retail dealership?,

In other words, the daily opportunities that have avoided your CRM system or paper desk log.

Perhaps you’ll recognize some of them:

1. “She's JUSTA tire kicker.”

2. “He's JUSTA lost soul who is asking for directions.”

3. “He's JUSTA price grinder who will torpedo us on CSI.”

4. “She's JUSTA look-e-loo who is not serious about purchasing anytime soon.”

You get the picture.

Over the past twenty-five years, a million plus babies named "JUSTA" have grown into adults and now, as they prepare to reach adulthood, descend like locusts upon automotive dealerships all over the USA.

They will swarm our showroom floors, our service drives, our parts counters, our front lines, our websites and our telephone switchboards from all directions.

And this all but inexplicable invasion of JUSTAS will continue relentlessly 24 x 7, seemingly unaffected by the current turbulence in the national and world economies.

The JUSTA Defense Force

Every dealer may not have the fearless management to deal courageously with the JUSTA problem, but he can always call upon his own JUSTA Defense Force (JDF) unit to keep his domestic and import franchises safe and secure.

Worry not that your new salespeople might be unskilled. After a few short weeks, they’ll have all undergone basic and advanced intelligence collection and target identification training.


Here are some further examples of first rate intelligence collection and target identification (i.e. excuses) passed on directly by JDF unit members in their reports:

5. “He's JUSTA brochure seeker.”

6. “She's JUSTA vendor who wants to sell us something.”

7. “He's JUSTA driver delivering new cars.”

8. “He's JUSTA driver picking up used cars for auction.”

9. “She's JUSTA friend of the GM's second-cousin's great-aunt who still drives a Yugo.”

10. “He's JUSTA person who e-mails us all of the time and never buys anything.”

11. “He's JUSTA parts driver for one of our wholesale accounts.”

12. “She's JUSTA bi-weekly be-back who is three months away from buying.”

13. “He's JUSTA guy who is looking for a car for his son who is serving in the Peace Corps in Zambia.”

14. “She's JUSTA complaining customer who does not like our dealership.”

15. “She's JUSTA close friend of the General Manager's attorney whose daughter attends college with the Dealer Principal's son.”

Years ago, millions of reflective couples felt compelled to name their babies “JUSTA” and, baby, those grown up JUSTAS have decided that automotive dealerships are absolutely fantastic places to purchase vehicles!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Here's the Good: Sales consultants serving in JDF units do not have to remember multiple first names, since almost every person that they encounter is named JUSTA.

Here's the Bad: Every JUSTA has a weird, unusual surname that may be hard for a sales consultant to remember. (Thank God that such unconventional surnames never have to be written down. Whew!)

Here's the Ugly: For every JUSTA that is noticed casually, pigeon-holed verbally and then ignored or repelled by a sales consultant who serves in a dealership's JDF unit, the long- term loss of gross profit in sales, service, parts and accessories should justa 'bout stop that Dealer Principal's heart from beating.'

Yes, there are some facts that you find may be hard to swallow, but the discovery process is justa 'nother step along the road to transforming your dealership into a place where no potential customer's first name is ever JUSTA.

Let's quit making excuses.

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