Don't Be a "Nope Dope"

Center for Performance Improvement - "Don't Be A Nope Dope"

Yup. Nope. Yeah. Naw. Uh huh. Umm Umm…

These mini-monstrosities of rude, weak and unclear responses to strangers’ questions come out of most persons’ mouths almost instinctively, every single minute of every single day.

What about you? Yes, you. Are you rude? “No.” Are you weak? “No.” Are your responses unclear? “No.” Are you certain? “Yes.”

Wow! What a difference

What a small, but incredibly powerful difference. It is the difference between being a “Nope Dope” and a confident, courteous communicator, one who responds using a pleasant tone of voice with a positive “yes” or “no” answer and who thereby takes immediate, initial and complete control of an opinion-forming conversation and impresses the heck out of a complete stranger who is used to hearing “yup” and “nope” from clueless dopes.

And you are NOT one of those. No way. You are proud to be known far and wide as a courteous sales professional. Correct? “Yes.” Are you sure? “Yes.” Am I in the wrong place in front of the wrong person? “No.” Fantastic. Let’s do business.

Practice saying “yes” and “no” as appropriate during all conversations today.

With customers, with your colleagues, with your managers.

Take control by saying what you mean and meaning what you say, starting simply with the two words “yes” and “no.” Saying “yes” or “no” politely, as appropriate, will mark you as someone worthy of note who cares enough to watch his or her words with care. And as someone who is worthy of earning someone’s business, right?

“Yes!” Never be a “nope dope” again, beginning today.

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