Who Do You See in the Mirror?

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You look in a mirror every morning. It's simply designed simply to allow us to see ourselves as others see us.

“Mirror Imaging” is a way beyond hot concept that requires you to set aside, for a defined period of time, all your preconceived notions and stereotypical opinions of others and to look at the world solely from the perspective of those other persons. 

It’s so simple a concept, yet so incredibly important. Because the mirror is extremely honest. 

You should always be asking yourself, “Would I want to do business with this person?”

If the answer is “no”, take corrective action muy pronto. 

On your day off next week, engage in some mirror imaging. Be sure to clue in your bosses ahead of time as a matter of professional courtesy.

Then, instead of shopping your competition, as every training company in the world would suggest, take a hard, cold, long look within yourself and your dealership. Separate yourself mentally, psychologically and physically from the showroom floor personnel and process before you enter, then stand back.

Watch. Listen. Observe.

Think as if you were a customer. At all times. 

Ask yourself, “Why do the two customers at Tim’s desk appear so frightened?”

As a road to the sale process, what is “comfortable” for you? - After all, you are a customer, right, not a sales consultant?

What is provoking Bob’s customer to become so angry and agitated?

Why is the customer calling Bob “unreasonable” and preparing to bail out prior to a final T.O.?

Why does Billy’s customer seem to want to butt heads directly with the GSM and nobody else over the value of his pre-owned truck?

Are other customers seeing what you, a “mirror imaging” customer, are seeing?

As you watch, listen and observe the showroom shuffle as part of mirror imaging, reflect on how customers are reacting to specific situations and why. Try reframing any conflict that you see occurring from a customer’s point of view. Dig deep and look hard to see the truth. It’s there, somewhere.  Don’t flinch if you don’t like what you hear or see or discover.

What’s so incredibly fantastic about "mirror imaging" is that it allows us to reframe and re-examine conflict, and consequently to reform a person’s behaviors and organization’s processes, as needed, on an objective basis.

And last but not least, don’t worry if mirror imaging’s requirement that you look deep within yourself and your peers, colleagues and managers causes you to find out some things that you wish were not true or that you would prefer to ignore. In that difficult self-examination is the inherent power of mirror imaging. A better future for you and your dealership will ensue.

Mirror Imaging

A concept tailor-made for an automotive industry that needs to look deep inside in order to make a clean break outside to move to a brand new, ever more exciting future full of good will, incredible promise and maximum gross profit.

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