Don’t Dwell on Things You Can’t Control

Don't Dwell on Things.jpg

Far too much time in our industry is spent blaming our lack of success on circumstances or other people when the reality is that it’s most likely our own neglect. 

We can’t control what other people will do, but we can spend time building relationships. We can’t avoid others who want to stand around the water cooler, but we can choose to make good use of our time. 

In the long run, our frustrations, attitudes, and finger-pointing all have one thing in common: There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it!

The same holds true in the business world: Farmers can’t control the weather, they can only do their best to prepare for it. 

Retailers can’t control the economy; they can only control their own costs, inventories, schedules, and marketing strategies. 

So what about you?

Zig Ziglar once said, “Lack of direction, not time, is the problem. We all have just twenty-four hours in every day.”

The mind set on lofty goals and expectations becomes conditioned to achieving its dreams. But the mind set on disappointments and failure will learn to be comfortable only in that environment. 

The choice is yours.