Automotive Dealership Training: 21 Days to Success

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Your guide to never forgetting to contact a client

Do You Keep a "To Do" List? Sure this sounds so simple and elementary that you’re probably shaking your head and saying “Duh!”. But if you’re honest, you’ll admit that during the busiest times you often neglect the fundamentals. Unless you have good systems and habits in place.

Start with a Good System

What began in the lab with a failed attempt at glue became what we know today as “Post – It” notes. It’s probably the most commonly used tool for jotting down your “To – Do” list. But it’s not very good at helping set priorities, or reminding you when to take action. Here are some tools that work much better:

-Log Sheets – Combined with a regular call schedule, a log sheet can be simple and effective.

-Franklin Planner – gives you a place to organize your thoughts and teaches you how to prioritize.

-Outlook – Most computers come pre-loaded with Microsoft Outlook. It has a calendar feature that allows you to set alarms for reminders.

21 Days to Success

It takes three weeks of practicing a behavior every day in order to make it a habit. So why not start today?

-Decide to take action – If you don’t make a firm comitment to yourself, you won’t succeed.

-Choose a system – Consider the above recommendations or ask others who are successful what they use.

-Slow Down to Speed Up – Before moving on to the next customer, write down or input your follow up activity. The extra minutes spent up front will save time and pay huge dividends in the long run.

A good system for follow up calls will build your reputation as someone customers can trust!

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