How Do You Improve Your Dealership's CSI Survey Ranking?

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Every spring, J.D. Power ranks manufacturers based on dealership customer service index survey scores. 

These scores are indicative of the service customers receive in the dealership. While it doesn’t paint a complete picture, it certainly gives a good glimpse into the values each manufacturer holds dear. 

You can count on finding General Motors brands near the top as well as Nissan, Kia, Toyota, and MINI. At the bottom of the list, you’ll find FCA brands chasing the pack. Yet, if you fall anywhere below the top third, not just the median score, there’s significant room for improvement.

What Can You Do to Fix CSI Rankings?

Changing course doesn’t come easy but it’s necessary when you find you’re going in the wrong direction. Three main focuses can help a manufacturer step into a top position in CSI survey rankings.

Nurture the Front End Staff


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The most influential score on a CSI survey is in service advisor satisfaction. The people with whom your customers interact greatly affects their overall experience. Even when their vehicle is fixed right on the first visit, scores often tank when the customer feels neglected or unimportant. Train service advisors to make the customer the focus of the service visit, not the vehicle. 

Implement Ease-of-Use Tools

Streamline the customer experience to avoid frustrations and negative energy. Implement technology at pain points to make the service experience better from start to finish. Ensure online appointment scheduling is simple and accurate. Use tablets for accuracy in write-up and walkarounds. Discover the things that cause your customers angst and address them. 

Fix It Right the First Time

While scores indicate an FFV of 94 percent, it’s the other 6 percent that hurts badly. Through careful listening during write-up to repair confirmation after it’s left the shop, Fixed First Visit is as important today as ever. 


While it’s up to the dealer to address their own store’s issues, the manufacturer must take responsibility for slumping CSI scores. 

Create a training program for dealers, not just a set of parameters, to help them elevate your brand.

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