LUCK = Labor Under Correct Knowledge

Labor Under Correct Knowledge LUCK.jpg

“Good Luck!” We hear it all the time.

It’s a phrase used to wish people well in their efforts.

But there’s another way to look at luck that may help you approach success more effectively. Maybe you’ve heard it:

L – Labor
U – Under
C – Correct
K – Knowledge

Yet those who are at the top of their game and they will tell you that success in business has very little to do with luck.


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In fact, a nationwide study by the University of Stanford asked top business executives to prioritize the elements that led to their success; the results concluded that over 70% of these top performers succeed because of interpersonal skills and self-management skills they had learned and put into practice. Less than 1% of their success was determined to be of fate or luck. 

How “Luck” is Defined

The effort, or labor, you exert can be energy spent or energy invested. Just doing something doesn’t necessarily lead to new opportunities.


But doing something in the right way, with the right people, for the right reason will lead to all kinds of opportunities or good luck. 

Working Backward

So how do you make L.U.C.K. work for you? It begins when you make a decision to gain Knowledge. You must have the desire to continually learn about your products, your processes, and your customers. 

But don’t just collect information. Make sure it’s the Correct information for your dealership, your customers, and your market. 


Next, you want to work smart. All of your goals and plans should be put Under the guidelines of the correct knowledge you have obtained. Finally, it’s time to take action, or Labor, in order to achieve your objectives. Knowledge - Correct - Under - Labor. When you put it into practice, everything will fall into place. 

So now the choice is yours. You can continue to buy lottery tickets and hope you’re one of the “lucky” few. Or you can create your own environment of good luck by practicing these principles of success. 

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