What You Need for a Successful Technology Clinic

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

A short time ago, we brought you the idea to host a technology clinic in your dealership. 

The intention is to help customers become more familiar with their vehicle and its features and to assist people in using the convenience options in their car that can make driving safer. For a technology clinic to be successful, it has to address these two purposes. But what does that look like?

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What a Successful Technology Clinic Looks Like:

The Atmosphere

Technology clinics should be a casual event. There’s no need for a structured agenda nor any sort of pretense. It should be something a customer can attend without any concern of being singled out or made uncomfortable. Have music playing lightly in the background with snacks and drinks available (non-alcoholic, of course). Make it inviting and light.

Bluetooth Center

A phone connectivity station is the most important stop in the technology clinic. All states have laws prohibiting handheld phone calls when driving, which is a major cause of accidents.


Have at least two specialists from your store ready and able to help customers pair their phones to their car, assist with streaming audio or voice recognition issues, or any other smartphone-related concerns. 

ADAS/Driver-Assist Session

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Many new cars feature driver-assistive technologies. You’ll have customers that aren’t aware their car is equipped with some of these options, let alone how to use them. Have one or two staff specialists on hand to walk customers through their operation. In some cases, it will involve going for a drive to ‘test drive’ these newly-discovered options.  

Infotainment Assistance

Less than a third of a vehicle’s infotainment options are used. Have a station that details the basics of your brand’s infotainment systems, then touch on some lesser-known features that could save time or help the driver stay safe. It might be setting up voice recognition for navigation or discovering how to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 


Help your customers discover their vehicle’s full potential through onboard technology. You’ll develop a trusting relationship which reinforces customer retention.