Show Your Customers Some Love .. the Corporate Love

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By Ted Ings, Executive Director

When you love someone, you find ways to show your appreciation. 

A special note, a little gift, or an intimate dinner tells them that you care. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to express that appreciation, not just in a romantic way with your significant other but to your customers as well. 

Customer service expert Shep Hyken calls it ‘corporate love’. His advice is to romance your staff so they, in turn, will romance your customers. 

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The concept is simple, and its focus is direct. Use Valentine’s Day to intentionally express appreciation to your customers in a tangible way.

Here are a few ways you can do it:

•    Start with your staff. Create an atmosphere of corporate love by treating your team to something special. Provide a lunch or Valentine’s cake as a ‘thank you’. Your staff will pay it forward to the customer.

•    Give each customer a Valentine. If you know who’s coming in for an appointment, have one filled out ahead of time and present it when they arrive. A hand-written note addressed to them by name has the personal touch that connects.  


•    Win your way into their hearts with chocolate. A single gourmet chocolate or a personal-size box, wrapped and addressed with a note, is always a winner. And because it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s tasteful and appropriate. 

•    Create an appreciation-filled video for your social media accounts. A short, sweet message of gratitude for their patronage expresses your appreciation far and wide. 

•    Everyone loves a clean car! Give a car wash voucher to your customers. It’s another tangible way to show your appreciation with an item directly related to their car. 

If these sound like good ideas, it’s time to act! Show your staff and customers some corporate love this Valentine’s Day.