Comment, Share - and Gain LinkedIn Authority!

By Ted Ings, Executive Director

It happens to everyone working in content creation and social media: you run out of things to say. 

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You’ve already written about everything on your content list. The well has run dry. 

When it happens (because it certainly will), you have an excellent resource that you can tap into, and it’s limitless. 

Hit ‘Like,’- Comment and Share

I get it. There’s a sense of pride in creating your own content, posting everything original on your website, LinkedIn blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook page. But it might not be a good idea to stick to only your own content. Here are a few reasons why.

It Gives You Authority

There are literally thousands of people online who have already posted valuable content that can apply to your niche.

You’re in the automotive industry, so perhaps sharing a motivational phrase from Mike Vogel’s account is a good idea. Mike has deep retail experience. And everyone needs thought-provoking strategies from time to time, so tap into Ted Ings’ posts for best practices. 


It doesn’t just bulk up your LinkedIn feed: it shows you’re comfortable taking advice from industry leaders and gives an extended reach to those you’re reposting. 

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It Gives Great Content to Follow

If you’ve run out of new ideas, your last few posts might have been grasping at straws. Reposting good content from applicable sources can be refreshing and new to your thirsty readers. It might just get you more LinkedIn followers or Facebook page likes too. 

It Expands Your Network

If you’re a dealer or an OEM, there’s a good chance that your posts are being looked over on social media by at least some people. Offering retweets and reposts from influential people can capture those likes and shares that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Use someone else’s content to help bolster your own page. 

It Gives You Fresh, Relevant Ideas

When it’s your job to post new stuff to your pages, you’re going to run out of ideas eventually. Reading someone else’s content and sharing it can provide a new well you can tap into. Use social media pages to generate fresh thoughts and ideas that you can use in the future. 


As a rule of thumb somewhere between 15 and 25 percent of your social feeds is acceptable for sharing. So give yourself a break – click like and share on this post!

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